• Public relations

PR - create some noise. Get people talking.

As a creative, well connected and engaging PR agency, we help you manage and develop relationships to deliver the results you want. We’ll work with you to ensure your audience perceives you just as you want them to, as well as position your business as an industry leader.

PR is a vital part of the communications mix. It’s also a constantly shifting landscape. Our public relations activities and campaigns are designed to be effective as stand-alone projects or integrated with other marketing activities.

A successful campaign will generate positive media coverage, ensure your brand is free from negative publicity and impact sales growth. Your target market will be exposed to more persuasive information about your brand than ever before.

Communications Strategy
Consumer & Trade Campaigns
Media Relations
Networking, Events & Exhibitions
Press Travel – Individual & Hosted Groups
Press Kit Planning, Writing and Design
Press Release Writing, Distribution & Monitoring
Reputation Management & Key Message Creation

Our flexible pricing means you can pick and choose the key elements to benefit your brand and create a tailor-made package. We work on a retainer, short-term project or hourly basis. We can also work closely with your existing advertising or creative agency to identify and maximise all opportunities and messages.